Luc Longley is a true Australian sporting icon, who since returning to Australia, at the conclusion of his NBA career in the early 2000’s, has led a mostly private life in rural Western Australia. 

Luc has now chosen to tell his life story in a two-part episode of Australian Story, airing on Monday August 2 and August 9, 8pm. The decision to be featured on Australian Story was led by his daughter’s encouragement to ensure his legacy is appreciated and also because he has made a deliberate choice to make himself more accessible. 

Luc has chosen to be represented by TSE after building a strong working relationship in his role as special advisor to the TSE owned Sydney Kings. 

Paul Kind, TSE CEO said,

“We are thrilled to represent Luc, our working relationship has grown during the past two years as Luc has become an important part of the Sydney Kings leadership team. I’m looking forward to developing a new working partnership with him to strategically build his profile.”

Longley said,

“I’m excited to see how Australian Story has treated my story and I’m excited to share it with people who are still Interested  25 years later. I’m hoping this story and this partnership with TSE helps me to become more engaged with the public and more available when the time is right. “

Luc’s career in basketball is unparalleled in Australia; 

  • Three times NBA Championship winning player with the legendary Chicago Bulls team 
  • Basketball trailblazer – the first Aussie to play NBA
  • 11 NBA Seasons, 567 games 
  • 3 time Olympian & represented Australia in the FIBA World Championships

The Chicago Bulls team of the nineties is one of the most famous sporting teams in history. The team exploded back to fame in 2020 via Netflix incredibly successful documentary, The Last Dance. 

The team was led by the enigmatic Michael Jordan and also included basketball royalty, Scottie Pippen, basketball badman, Denis Rodman and Steve Kerr, who is the current coach of the Golden State Warriors. Luc was the starting centre and a key member of that incredible team from 1994-1998, playing 234 games including 3 NBA Champions 94/95 to 97/98. 

Luc’s Australian Story episodes will give Australians a never before seen insight into his world. The episodes will feature interviews with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and legendary coaches Phil Jackson & Steve Kerr along with close friends including author, Tim Winton and brother-in-law, author – comedian, Ben Elton. 

Luc is currently working as a member of The Sydney Kings Executive team where he plays a key role in recruitment, player mentoring and providing strategic advice to management. He still lives in rural Western Australia where he distils gin, surfs, fishes and engages in a number of local conservation projects.