The Sydney Kings, owned by TSE, have set a new NBL attendance record with 17,524 fans in the building for a win over LaMelo Ball’s Illawarra Hawks at Qudos Bank Arena.

The attendance trumped the previous record of 17,143, which was set more than 20 years at the same venue.

Kings Head Coach, Will Weaver, said the crowd and atmosphere was as close to the NBA he has seen in Australia.

“It’s big for our team, it’s big for our city, it’s big for our state, it’s big for our league. What we’ve all come here to try to achieve, it’s big. It’s a symbol of what we’re trying to do, and that is to get people excited about basketball and help people that are already excited about basketball to understand that there are great things to watch here.”

Will Weaver, Sydney Kings Head Coach

“Since taking ownership of the Sydney Kings we have focused on building the profile of the team and driving live attendance. With no broadcast revenue, live attendance is the life blood of the business so it was essential that we invested in a marketing strategy that would build crowds. We deliver a world-class live event experience. We know that once people attend a game we see repeat visitation. Everything came together on Sunday and it was incredible. The opportunity now is to take advantage of that moment and continue building momentum and driving sales.”

TSE CEO, Paul Kind