Achieving 1000%+ ROAS in one Social Campaign For No Limit Boxing.

How we helped sell 11,000 tickets to Qudos Bank Arena for Tszyu v Inoue.


In November 2021, No Limit Boxing had the goal of putting on one of the biggest fight nights of the year with Tim Tszyu stepping on to the world stage  against the Japanese Takeshi Inoue. The brief from the client was split into two key objectives: Sell tickets to the live event in Sydney and then shift focus to selling pay-per-view units. Our strategy needed to be built to leverage exclusive No Limit content while complementing all other marketing efforts in-market throughout the campaign.


  • 11,000 attendance 
  • PPV conversions for < $15
  • Visibility of fight across a number of different social channels and accounts 
  • High reach and engagement across all organic content
  • High traffic through to the Main Event/Kayo websites
  • Grow the No Limit Social Following
    • 13k > 25k Instagram 
    • 38k > 45K Facebook


When promoting a boxing match, the quality of the fight and personalities of the fighters play a huge role and must be considered in all marketing decisions. The better the fighters connect with the audience, the easier the fight is to sell.

The Tszyu vs Inoue fight posed the difficult challenge of Takeshi not being able to speak any English and was hard to access whilst training in Japan, meaning we had to rethink our content strategy and placement to fit in a way that sold the fight to the general sports fan and not just the hardcore boxing fans.

How we achieved this was a number of unique content streams:

  • Influencer validation
  • An increased focus on Tszyu 
  • Undercard focus 
  • Live sport event focus 
  • Country rivalry: Australia vs Japan boxing histor

This content was conceptualised, designed and plugged into both the organic channels and paid campaigns to create excitement around the fight and build audiences to remarket to once we hit the conversions phase of this campaign.


When developing a strategy for a dual objective campaign timing, targeting and budget allocation are all vital in order to achieve your set goals. 

In this particular campaign, our strategy was broken into four phases:

  1. Launch
  2. Ticket Sales
  3. Audience engagement
  4. PPV Conversion

Of those four phases, we allocated what budgets we expected to allocate to each in order to achieve our set objectives, while being ready to be flexible and fluid with these allocations. 

We aligned with the PR plan to ensure that we were able to leverage the content that would come through other marketing channels and capture the already engaged audience.

We worked forward on a content plan that would see us deliver content that was unique to the No Limit channels and would adequately tell the story of the fight as it unfolded, exciting both hardcore and casual boxing fans.

While delivering this content across organic social channels and accounts, we identified the strongest performing assets and used them in our paid campaigns to audience build and prep an engaged remarketing audience.

And finally, when we entered the limited sales window for PPV purchases, we went aggressively at engaged users and Lookalike Audiences (Facebook Qualified Leads) to see a massive return on ad spend (ROAS) while keeping our CPM to a minimum and CTR and Conv. Rate extremely high.


  • We achieved a ROAS of 1151% on PPV conversion campaigns
  • Sold PPV units for a CPA of $4.77 in final conversion campaigns
  • Achieved a conversion rate of 13.47% in final conversion campaigns (click-through to purchase)
  • We drove over 30k users to the Ticketing page
  • We reached over 1.1 million boxing and sports fan
  • Maintained a CTR of over 2.14% for all campaign objectives – reaching 6.05% at its peak 
  • Increased Instagram following on No Limit pages from 13k > 22.5k and Facebook following from 38k > 63