Tour de France first criterium event in Southeast Asia

TEG Global approached TSE to create a brand identity and style guide for the inaugural Tour de France Criterium event in Southeast Asia. TSE was entrusted with establishing an overarching brand identity and driving active participation in a series of events in the lead up to the main event weekend in Singapore’s Marina Bay.


The Singapore government had specific goals for the event, including boosting tourism and showcasing the beauty of Mandalay Bay, while also positioning Singapore as the cycling capital of Southeast Asia. TSE was determined to create a visually stunning and globally recognised look for the street cycling event that would achieve these objectives.


TSE crafted a brand identity and style guide, rolling out a unique campaign that included a range of visuals, from animated outdoor posters to web design, video and graphics. We also organised a series of events leading up to the main event to drive participation and increase excitement on the ground.